Does Your future depend on your profile on social network?

Have you ever heard about social recruiting?
Do you know what it is?
Social recruiting is the process of recruiting candidates through the use of social platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + blogs or any online community. Today social media is so familiar to students and graduates that has become the fastest way to search for data and information about someone.
So does your future depend on your profile on social networks? The answer is easy. Of course it does! So be careful!

A SPECIAL GUEST IN OUR CLASSES: teacher Deanna from Canada.

Today pupils practised some Canadian English with a teacher from British Columbia, Canada.
They asked her some questions about her life, her country, her daily routines, and we learnt a lot about her beautiful country, Canada.

NETIQUETTE’s TEN COMMANDMENTS LAW: preparing for surfing the web


Since the invention of World Wide Web (www) in 1989, internet use has grown rapidly. Today many people use social networking sites to write and so we are all involved in a new way of communication. When using social networking sites or when texting, we should be aware of some rules of good behavior. These rules are called “netiquette”. Netiquette is a blend word which comes from the two words network and etiquette. Netiquette tells us how to be polite and respectful when writing in social networking sites or when texting. Here are some of the most important guidelines:

1. First of all: keep personal information private! You don’t know who you are talking to! Your private information can be used in the wrong way.
2. Do not break copyright laws, pay attention when using cut and paste!
3. Avoid writing in CAPITAL letters, it is a form of shouting and it may sound impolite.
4. Avoid using more than one exclamation mark or question mark!!!! ??? As it it is very impolite and sometimes offensive.
5. Do not use racist or offensive words, nasty comments or hateful messages, as this is called cyberbulling!
6. Keep your language simple and clean.
7. To convey your mood use emoticons 😀
8. Be always honest and do not hide yourself behind someone else’s identity!
9. Reflect on what you write and try to be polite and respectful, do not offend anybody!
10. Do not correct people if they make mistakes.



The history of Scotland can be dated back to the arrival of the Roman Empire. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Scotland has been invaded by several migrants such as the Celts coming from Eastern Europe, the Scots from Ireland, the Anglo-Saxons from the south and the Vikings. David I (around 1080 – 1153) transforms Scotland into a feudal kingdom. In 1296 Edward I of England invades Scotland. William Wallace and Andrew de Moray raise forces to resist the occupation. Together they defeat an English army at the Battle of Stirling Bridge. But in 1298 Wallace is defeated by Edward I at the Battle of Falkirk. Wallace is executed by the English for treason. In 1306 Robert the Bruce becomes King of Scotland.

Over the centuries, we can say that one of the most known character of Scottish history is the Catholic Mary Queen of Scots. She left Scotland and she was executed on the orders of Elizabeth I. She spent much of her childhood in France and only a few years on the Scottish throne. She abdicated her throne in favour of her son James VI.
Mary escaped to England to seek help from her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I. But in England Mary was held prisoner for over 18 years. She was beheaded for her part in a plot to take the English throne from Queen Elizabeth. In 1603, after the death of Elizabeth I of England, James VI of Scotland succeeded to the English throne as James I. In 1707, the Acts of Union formally united Scotland with England and Wales as Great Britain.

Flower of Scotland
Oh flower of Scotland
When will we see your like again
That fought and died for
Your wee bit hill and glen
And stood against him
Proud Edward’s army
And sent him homeward
To think again
The hills are bare now
And autumn leaves lie thick and still
O’er land that is lost now
Which those so dearly held
That stood against him
Proud Edward’s army
And sent him homeward
To think again
Those days are past now
And in the past they must remain
But we can still rise now
And be the nation again
That stood against him
Proud Edward’s army
And sent him homeward
To think again.

On 18th September 2014 millions of Scots will vote on whether they want their country to become independent or remain part of the United Kingdom.



There is a strong connection between music and poetry. What makes a poem sound pleasing to the ear? Its rhythm and the sound of the words. That’s why music and poetry can easily convey feelings and emotions.

Ballad lyrics, for instance, have a structure called a quatrain made of syllables and a metrical foot that marks the rhythm of the lines themselves, sounding like a heartbeat, just recalling the human sound of love.

Many of the best loved poems were sung in the Middle Ages, and we can say that the tradition continues in modern songs.

How does music make you feel?
How often do you listen to music?
What kind of music do you listen to to cheer you up?
What kind of music do you like the most?
What radio station do you usually listen to?
What was the last CD you bought?
What was the last concert you went to?
When was the last time you went dancing?
Where do you usually listen to music?
Which do you prefer, songs in English or songs in your own language?
Who is your favorite singer or group?
Do you prefer rock music or romantic music?
What do you think of when you listen to music?
If you could be a musician who would you be?

Rebels in music, cinema and literature…


“there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”

― Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild

“My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram, or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere. But I abhor the dull routine of existence. I crave for mental exaltation.”

Arthur Conan Doyle



“the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.”
― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

Jack Kerouac was a free thinker, philosopher, rebel, co-founder of the beat generation with an insatiable love for the unknown. He lived questioning life and his existence.

The dangers of virtual communication

Virtual communication enables everyone around the world to communicate anytime and anywhere. Nowadays most of the people instead of meeting, use chat, which as we know, has not the same aspects of a meeting.
How many of us are doing just that? People keep on sharing personal thoughts with everybody. But there is a point to it. Sometimes people can act as a “moderator” also in real life and behave with real people as if they were virtual. This can be really hurtful for a person, as a moderator can moderate messages within a community, but not in real life. Of course the problem is quite difficult to comprehend for those who spend most of their time in front of a monitor, as they can really lose contact with reality.
The other day, while I was driving home, I stopped at the traffic lights to reply a message of a friend living a few minutes from my house. In that very moment I realized how crazy the world around us is.
Over the last few years we have become more and more fulfilled virtually, choosing not to interact person to person in the flesh, but rather on-line. For someone this way of communication seems to be easier as they can come and go, say what they want and create a character that rarely resembles to the totality of who they really are. Someone feels that he is being true in his communication, but when virtual friends pretend a flesh-and-blood friendship, it may happen that they are no welcome. A vague feeling of fear and uneasiness arises within them, probably because they fear that they can lose control of their virtual friendship and this lack of control would make them feel uncomfortable.
I see so many people here and there communicating with virtual friends, just to avoid real friendships and real relationships, this way avoid dealing with difficulties too. The virtual world for someone is simply an escape from the challenges, a way of hiding from the fear of a “face to face communication”. Some people find in the virtual world the illusion of popularity but, who of these virtual friends could you call if you needed a help? None of them, or maybe the only one that you banned from your virtual life because you feel he/she has hurt you somehow, when probably he/she wanted just to shake you up and invite you to live real life and spend more time with the people down the street, meet friends and simply fear no more the heat of the sun. Being a humble person sometimes can help. If you got a problem with a friend, you should simply lay down your iPad and meet him/her. But not everybody can understand it.

Download the activity VIRTUAL INSANITY

What do you think about virtual communication?
Do you chat with your friends?
Have you got any virtual friends?
Would you like to meet your virtual friends?
Do you think your virtual friends are people you can rely on?
How long do you spend chatting with your friends?
What do you think are the negative aspects of a virtual communication?
What would you do if one of your friend misunderstood one of your messages?
Would you try to meet him/her or just give up?
Do you think that face to face communication is better than virtual communication?
Have you ever been humiliated by a virtual friend?
Do you think that there are people who are “virtual world addicted”?
Why some people prefer virtual friends to real friends?
Who of your virtual friends could you rely on if you needed help?


Welcome back Anjelica… Today our special guest is going to answer some questions about stereotypes…

What do you think are some stereotypes about Italian people?

What do American people think about Italy and Italians?

How do you think is your country stereotyped?

Does stereotyping help you in some way?

Do you think that it is a good idea to stereotype people?

How are various nationalities stereotyped in your country? What do you think about English people?

In your opinion stereotypes are…

Here are some American expressions we learnt…thanks Anjelica. Hope to meet you soon.

(AMERICAN ENGLISH) I’m stoked= I’m happy
I’m hyped= I’m very happy/ excited
I’m bummed= I’m unhappy or feel upset
No way= it doesn’t matter
It sucks= it’s not good
Hotties= attractive guys
You’re hot= you’re very attractive
You’re a babe= you’re very attractive/beautiful/handsome

And well…when we asked..what do American people think about Italians?
She replied:
GUIDOS! (Another way to say Italian…)



I A Scuola Media “Ugo Foscolo” Tavernola 13th May 2014

Today pupils practised some American English with a girl from Salt Lake City, USA
They asked her some questions about her life, her country, her daily routines, and last but not least, some American greetings and expressions…such as…

YO!= Hi!

LATER= Goodbye

DO YOU WANT TO HANG OUT? = spending some time with your friends

DO YOU WANT TO GRAB A BITE?= do you want to get some food with me?

Let’s go to the movies = let’s go to the cinema!

What’s up? = How are you doing?    and as a response….Whatever!

Thank you so much Anjelica from all of us!


raeburn 2_MGZOOM

The character portrayed in this painting is Reverend Robert Walker, minister of the Canongate Kirk, member of the Edinburgh Skating Society. In this painting he is portrayed while skating on the frozen loch of Duddingston, nearby Edinburgh.
The work, also known as “The Skater”, is an oil painting by Sir Henry Raeburn. It is one of Scotland’s best known paintings and it is considered an icon of the country.

Do you like Art?
What is your favourite painting?
Can you describe it?
Do you consider yourself an artist?
Do you enjoy your art class at school?
Do you visit museums when you go to another city?
What famous painters do you know?
When was the last time you went to an art museum?
Who are some famous artists in your country?
Who is your favorite painter?
Do you enjoy taking photographs?
Why do you enjoy art?
Why is art important?
Do you think graffiti is a form of art?
Have you ever gone to an exhibition?
Do you know any art gallery? Is there any in the place where you live?
If you could buy a work of art, what would you buy?

Oscars 2014

Slave and Gravity are the winners!

Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, won the best director award. The film took five years to complete. The director dedicated the Oscar to Sandra Bullock as, he said, she can be considered “the soul and heart of Gravity”.

12 Years a Slave, won several Oscars too. The movie is based on a true story. It is about a black man who is kidnapped and sold as a slave in Lousiana. Steve McQueen, instead, dedicated the best picture Oscar to all those people who have endured slavery.

The Oscar went also to the Kenyan actress, Lupita Nyong’o, performing the part of a slave worker in the movie.

Do you like going to the cinema?
Who is your favourite actor/actress?
How often do you go to the cinema?
Who do you go to the cinema with?
What kind of movies do you prefer?
What is your favourite movie?
Did you see any of the movies awarded in the 2014 ceremony?
Which movie did you like the best?
Which was in your opinion the best soundtrack?

What is happiness for you?


What do you think is the color for happiness?
Can money buy happiness?
What makes you feel happy?
What are the three most important things for you to be happy?
Do you think a pet can make you happy?
How can you become happy again when you are sad?
How often do you feel really happy?
Are the people in your country generally very happy?
What makes you unhappy?
How happy are you compared to your friends?
Do you wake up happy every morning?
What affects your levels of happiness?
Does your happiness change during different times of the day?
What was the happiest time of your life?
Do you think that you need money to be happy?
What would you need to be really happy?

Northern lights illuminate the UK

What do “northern lights” stand for?

Have you ever seen northern lights?

What is the reason of this phenomenon?

How long can it last?

Which parts of the world is this phenomenon likely to be seen?

Would you like to see such an illuminated sky?

Weather report from BBC

Let’s talk about the weather…

How is the climate in your country?

What is your favourite season?

What is surprising about the weather nowadays?

What kind of weather do you like?

What kind of weather you don’t like?

Which parts of your country are experiencing dramatic floods in the last few years?

Freezing temperatures in the USA

It is so cold in the USA that a reporter decides to show how hot water can be easily turned into snow.

Why is it important to know future weather conditions in your country?
Have you ever checked the weather for your city on the Internet?
What time of the year is the best weather where you live?
Have you ever seen snow?
Where do you get your weather information?
What is your favorite winter activity?

St Valentine’s Day


When do people celebrate St. Valentine’s Day?
What do people use to give on this day?
What are the origins of this festival?
Who is said to be the very first person to have sent a Valentine’s card?
What is strange about the Japanese Valentine’s tradition?
Do you celebrate this festival in your country?
Are you going to buy “something for someone” on this day?

Read below and you’ll find the answers …

St. Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is that time of the year when couples show their love for each other by sending cards, giving flowers and chocolates. But Valentine’s Day in recent years has also become big business. People spend millions on flowers and chocolates.
The origins of the day are unclear. Nobody knows exactly who St Valentine was, although some historians suggest he was a Roman martyred in the third century AD by a Roman Emperor. As for Valentine’s cards, it is said that the first recorded Valentine’s card was sent by the Duke of Orleans from prison to his beloved wife in 1415.

Today Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world but the traditions often differ from place to place. In Japan, for example, the woman sends chocolates to the man!

Today many people send Valentine’s e-cards, even Police!
In the UK city of Liverpool Police sent Valentine’s cards to criminals who failed to appear in court or have not paid fines. The cards contained the verse, ‘Roses are red, violets are blue, you’ve got a warrant and we’d love to see you’.


Sam the seagull stealing Doritos.

Sam is a Scottish seagull from Aberdeen who is fond of crisps. It seems that in the last few weeks he has stolen more than 20 packages of these flavored crisps. What do you think about it? Should he pay for the crime committed? Or maybe should they pay him for such an original commercial supporting the well known brand? Free crisps for the rest of his life would be a fair reward for the work he has done!

Who is Sam?
Where is he from?
What did he do?
What did he steal?

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