You make me App!

Apps and Web tools for storytelling

DOMOANIMATE is a free tool that allows you to create funny stories including about 25 scenes with music, comics choosing among different characters according to the occasion.
To try DOMOANIMATE click here

You can create Funny photo stories with PHOTOPEACH

With SLIDESTORY you can tell your story with your pictures and recorder your voice. To try it click here

Create 3D stories with this cool tool ZOOBURSThere

DVOLVER is a tool that helps you create short movies with comics and funny characters. It is free and funny!
To try it, click here


STORYBIRD: tool to create colourful and amazing stories with pictures and drawings. To try it click here

Create YOUR video story with WEVIDEO

Comics and funny stories with Generator click here

STORYBOARDTHAT: to create comics and funny strips, to try it click here

MAKEBELIEFSCOMIX: to create comics. To try it click here

ZIMMERTWINS: Here is a site to create and share animated story. To try it, click here

To watch an example of DOMOGOANIMATE
Click: Domogoanimate

Apps and Web tools for ecards

Animoto is a funny web tool which allows you to create ecards with your photos choosing among colourful backgrounds. It’s free, you have only to sign up and log in! Have Fun!
To try ANIMOTO click here

To watch an example click  here

SMILEBOX: another tool to create funny ecards with your photos choosing among colourful backgrounds. To try SMILEBOX click here

FOTOBABBLE: add your voice to a picture, useful tool for description and to motivate speaking!
To try FOTOBABBLE click here

VOKI: create your avatar and speaking character. Click here

ADOBEVOICE Images, symbols and sounds. Create you book trailer with VOICE

A list of most common web tools to create lessons and presentations


EDUCREATIONS, DOCERI and SHOWME are very useful Apps through which you can recorder your lessons, save them and share with your students. They allow you to paste your notes, to use a pen, and recorder your writing very quickly. Nice apps also to help dyslexic students with grammar notes.


To try DOCERI click here
To try EDUCREATIONS click here
To try SHOWME please click here




SWAY: amazing tool for presentation. You can add content and share your work very quickly. To try it click Here


OneNote: interesting tool for sync notes. Free download here

PREZI: dynamic and useful tool to create presentations. To try PREZI click here


HAIKU DECK, a simple and easy software for presentations.
To try HAIKU DECK click here

FullSizeRender (2)

MetaMoji Note: useful tool for cool notes. Click here


Have fun with POPPLET and create your cool poster embedding videos and images. Click here
Create your mind map with GLOGSTER. You can add videos, pictures, music. Click here


Create cool mind maps with SPIDERSCRIBE click here

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